Labor Day 2018

Image Credit: Scott Webber

Image Location: Dash Point Pier, Federal Way, Washington, United States

Image Date: Labor Day, September 3rd, 2018

Image Time: 3:45PM PST

This USA Today article recounts the origins of the Labor movement and the Cleveland Administration tribute to working people across the United States of America.

Introducting WP Coinhive Captcha for WordPress

Seamlessly integrate a Coinhive powered CAPTCHA field with the login, registration, or comment forms on your WordPress website.

After being unable to find a plug-n-play solution that will integrate Coinhive’s CAPTCHA feature with WordPress, I decided to develop this one myself.

The result is this lightweight PHP plugin that allows administrators to use their Coinhive public site key to enable a Proof of Work CAPTCHA field on standard WordPress login, registration, or comment forms.

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